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Maher: Even Bulgaria gets it about evolution

Living up to the name of his former show "Politically Incorrect," Bill Maher said this to say in an interview with the Onion this week.

"AVC: When we last spoke to you—it's been almost 10 years now—the last question asked was 'Are the American people stupid?' How would you answer that today?

BM: They are. Even more so than 10 years ago. People come up to me all the time and say, 'This is such a stupid country.' And it is. Unfortunately, it is. It has millions of bright people in it. I like to think that they comprise a good part of my audience. But there's no doubt about it, it's a stupid country. It was in The New York Times last week that when they asked the question 'Do you think human beings evolved from an earlier species of animal?' the only Western nation that responded 'no' more often than America was Turkey. Thirty different countries, including Bulgaria. Ooh, that one hurt. I got to say, that hurt. That was like a knife in the gut. Even Bulgaria gets it about evolution more than we do. That's a stupid country."


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