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That Green ad

I was watching tv with some friends last night, and that Mark Green ad came on where he shoots basketball poorly and rides his lawnmower while his family paints him as a regular guy who's not extreme. Since it came out, I've argued with others who think it's a good ad while I've said it only raises the profile of the idea that Mark Green is too reactionary for most Wisconsinites.

Many people seem to think it's a nice family friendly way for him to introduce himself to voters who don't know him. To be honest, the first time I saw it I thought "Is this guy running for dork?"


At 9/05/2006 08:26:00 PM, Anonymous ben said...

Sorry to say, your judgement is clouded being, maybe, bright (though those who know you...) and in opposition.

It's an effective ad. It's a very upbeat, consumer-friendly, underdog ad, reminescent of Fiengold's '92 broadcast campaign.

Doyle's gotta get off his bureaucratic @ss and make his case. Green's at risk of actually spinning this campaign finance thing like a Doyle ploy.

But Dems are very bad at making their cases on all levels. Comes from being the party of the roundtable committee meeting. That's why People are turning against the GOP but don't know what Dems stand for.

Has anyone in the DNC thought that Democrats are about self-determination, ie, civil liberties, fair wages, fair immigration, balanced budget, and that should be the pervasive theme of the party? Or do I have to watch another east coast tool talk about how he/she wouldn't have voted for a war if they had known they would have to run on that vote?

Just once I'd like someone to stand up and call W the draft dodger he is.

At 9/05/2006 10:04:00 PM, Anonymous grapeshot said...

I thought Doyle ran some very effective campaign ads stressing how Green was against stem cell research. I could tell it was effecting by all the whining and squealing the Rethugs did. heh.

I haven't actually seen any Green ads, but that could be because either I don't watch the kind of shows his demographic watches, or perhaps he thinks he doesn't have to advertise in his congressional district, since people here know him. Oh wait, I think I did see one during one of the morning shows, but since I can't stand him, I turned it away quickly. Maybe I'll have to grit my teeth and sit through them.

Here in northeast Wisconsin, I was very pleased to see the DCCC spending money on a television ad against Gard. He's running for the open seat that will be vacated by Green. I just saw the ad which ran during tonight's episode of House. (IIRC, House gets pretty good ratings, even in rerun season.) Niiiice! Unfortunately, it wasn't a particularly eye-grabbing or catchy ad. Sigh. The DCCC sure could use some help in the advertising area.


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