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The impact of the county

Eye On Wisconsin has a good post on how Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker is driven by ideology when it comes to the needs of Milwaukee County residents. In this case, it's the county's Behavioral Health Division that Walker has continued to target.


"One of the last few years I was helping the person that I know lobby the County Board to restore the Targeted Case Management program. This person told me that they had an appointment with Scott Walker. They asked me if I would come with them, and I agreed. In that meeting I asked Walker that if the managers for the program could rework their staffing and other issues and came up with a slimmed down version of the program would he keep the program. Walker told me that he would “look at it.” The managers of the program did exactly that, and the result was a program budget that would not call for an increase in the tax levy to pay for it. What did Walker do? He once again tried to privatize it. It was at that point that I knew that Walker’s cuts and efforts at privatization where not about the budget, but about ideology and/or something more."

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