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Green is W's biggest backer in the Badger State

The local daily published an article noting what many of us knew months ago. Gubernatorial candidate Rep. Mark Green is the president's best friend in Wisconsin when it comes to supporting the Bush agenda. He served as Co-Chair of the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign in the state, and has a voting record in Congress supporting the president 90% of the time. In the words of a friend of mine, what do Wisconsin Republican congressmen Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, and Tom Petri have in common? They all opposed President Bush in Congress more often than Mark Green.

Washington is under one-party rule by Republicans right now. In Wisconsin, the legislature is controlled by Republicans with only Democratic Governor Jim Doyle preventing such a situation here. If Mark Green wins on November 7th, and the Dems fail again to pick up the State Senate or Assembly, Republicans will rule mirroring what we have in Washington now. That's what the party bosses at the state GOP would love to see, but I'm optimistic that's not what most Wisconsinites want. In three weeks, we'll have a say.


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